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Why your dog barks so much and how to get them to stop

Why your dog barks so much and how to get them to stop

 Many Of My Clients Come To Me And Say Can You Help Me Get My Dog To Stop Barking? They Will Not Be Quiet. I Can't Get Them To Stop Barking.

 So Let's Understand Some Reasons....



A Dog Barks First Of All A Dog And Bark Because It Possessive Protection It's Saying This Thing Is Mine And Letting You Know You Need To Clear Out. Stay Away From It. Another Reason Is Threat Protection When It Perceives That The Pack Whether That's Human Or Other Dogs Have Become Uneasy Because Of Something That's Approaching. Another Reason A Dog May Bark Is To Demand Something Of You And Many My Clients Experience This As Well With The Dog's Sense Of The Basic Household.

 If They Get Ignored.




>> So Secondly, What Are Some Styles Barking Dog. She Was Kind Of Some Different Styles Of Barking.


One Is What I Call The Machine Gun Bark Machine Gun Bark Is A >> Rule That Bark Is Intended To Say To Whatever They're Addressing It To Get Out Of Here, Get Lost. That's What That Bark Means.

 Now If Your Dog Is In Your House The Way The Bark Should Go Is A Paste Bar Wolf.


And You'll Notice Often When They Bark Like That They'll Turn And Look For You.



That's What They Should Be. Woof Woof. Right.

 That Is Not Talking To What's On The Other Side The Door That's Talking To Saying Hey, Something's Here.





Can You Go Check It Out? What's Going On? That's A Proper Kind Of Bark For A Dog To Do. Now There's Also A Type Of Yipping Bark And It's A Little Been A Category All Its Own.

 Usually It's When A Dog Is Excited Or Nervous They'll Engage In That Kind Of Bark.




So Let's Get Down The Actual Tip Itself. That's Why You Are Here. How Do We Address The Barking? First Of All, You Are Not Able To Address The Barking From Behind The Dog.

 So The Dogs Barking This Way Toward A Window You Not Be Able To Stand Behind The Dog And Say >> Stop It, Stop It, Stop Fruitless As Many Of You Have Found Out What You Need To Do Is Get In Between The Window And The Dog, Face The Dog And Say Back Up And Come Toward The Dog And Make Them Retreat.





That's A Canine Body Language Signal That Says I Am Taking Over This Perimeter Where You Are Signaling And It's Up To Me To Decide What Happens Here. That Is The Proper Signal You Should Send Your Dog When Your Dog Is Barking Which Will Help Your Dog Understand You're.

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